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In this article, we review the best Virtual Reality and video headsets of 2018.

As a concept, Virtual Reality has been around for years. But as a reality, it has only recently started to make inroads into the consumer markets. Once the stuff of science fiction, it first appeared in the real world as military technology for combat or specialized, hi-tech training. And much of it was enshrouded in secrecy...

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Oculus Rift v HTC Vive v HTC Pro – quick snapshot
This is brief snapshot of the key differences between the Oculus Rift v the HTC Vive and HTC Vive Pro.[...]
Oculus Rift v HTC Vive v HTC Pro – the three-way face-off
This is a three way comparison between the Oculus Rift v the HTC Vive and HTC Vive Pro. We have[...]
Higher screen resolution is on its way
When Apple first launched its “Retina display”, they chose the term “retina” not because these higher screen resolution displays would[...]
Oculus Go – it’s here
The Oculus Go, that we previewed last December, has finally arrived. And make no mistake, it's a game changer! Because[...]
VR Theme Park in China
If anyone doubts China’s capacity to lead rather than follow, this report should come as a rude awakening. China’s new[...]
Cheaper AR glasses coming from WaveOptics – EVG partnership
Cheaper AR glasses, are on the way to the market thanks to a new collaboration between Britain’s WaveOptics and EV[...]
Military augmented reality
In the past we reported in the past how AR is being used to reduce the maintenance skills gap in[...]
Infinity War Iron Man helmet
With the film Avengers Infinity War due for US release on April 27 (April 26 in the UK), Hasbro is[...]
Tracker glove brings virtual office closer
The tracker glove from Canadian startup ZeroKey could be just what's needed to make the virtual office a reality.  We've written[...]
AR Projectors – a partial solution at best
HTC is offering an AR projector as an alternative to a conventional AR visual overlay. The problem is how to[...]
Virtual Reality Shopping has arrived
In the past, online shopping has been limited to looking at a few product pictures or occasionally a video, accompanied[...]
Video game shooting – or shape-shifting, illuminati, Zionists?
Passions sometimes run high when people play video games – or in this case, don’t play them – but on[...]
New Vive tracker released – HTC confirms
In a surprise follow-up to its launch of the Vive Pro, HTC has now announced the release of the new[...]
HTC Vive Pro now available for pre-order
HTC has announced to day that their Vive Pro headset will ship on April 5th and will include six-month Viveport[...]
Avegant scales down AR project
A year ago, Bay area company Avegant (maker of a personal cinema system) announced that they were developing an Augmented[...]
VR Shakespeare gets new dimension
According to a report by Jo Bowman in Research Live, The Royal Shakespeare Company has been doing research into audience[...]

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