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The HTC Vive standalone arrives… sort of…
We covered the impending release of the HTV Vive Focus a couple of weeks ago. But now it has been[...]
Virtual reality shows carers neglect and abuse through a child’s eyes
We at are always on the lookout for new, innovative uses of virtual reality, especially those that are beneficial[...]
HTC teaming up with Logitech to create a virtual keyboard
For some time, we at have been leading the call for the development of a virtual office. But the[...]
HTC to release a standalone VR headset
News from the rumor mill has reached us about HTC planning to release a new standalone VR headset on 14[...]

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VR may still be in its infancy, but everyone who has been watching it knows that it is growing up fast! So far, it has penetrated the hard-core gaming market but hasn’t yet achieved the uptake level of television, personal computers and mobile phones.

However, most of the technology and electronics giants are now working on it in one form or another. There are products out there and more and more consumers are buying them. Others are thinking about it and want more information to help them make up their minds.

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