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August 16, 2017

Space To Move And VR Games

Man wearing VR headset

Newsfeed - August 16, 2017

Unless you own a Virtuix Omni platform, the only way you can really enjoy VR games is by moving around in your play area. But that can be a problem. Because most people don’t have that much free space. And the last thing you want is to go crashing into your furniture.

This has led to problems for hard-core gamers and at one point led to some observers claiming that the HTC Vive was superior to the Oculus Rift, because it offered better support for “room-scale play” in which the player has to move around in order to achieve credible results in war and shoot-em-up games.

The latest salvo (sorry) in the war is a Vive subreddit claim by a top-scoring player of Space Pirate Trainer, that they score more when they have a larger play area. This may sound like a no-shit-Sherlock kind of observation, but it may create further domestic strife between those who think a living room is for living in and those who think it is a holodeck for zapping the enemies of humanity into Kingdom Come.

Watch this space!