April 20, 2018

Infinity War Iron Man helmet

Infinity War helmet

With the film Avengers Infinity War due for US release on April 27 (April 26 in the UK), Hasbro is taking advantage of the Hollywood tie-in to bring out this Augmented Reality Iron Man helmet and Hero vision app to enable kids (from 8 upwards) to play the role of Iron Man in their own Marvel/Avengers universe.

Iron Man helmet - the full kit

Iron Man helmet

This is basically like the VR You download the app, put down the markers to mark off the play area, insert a compatible mobile phone (not all phones are compatible, and it doesn’t come supplied with one) and you’re away!

The view through the Iron Man helmet

The view through the Iron Man helmet

It is augmented reality, because when you put the mask on, you see the world overlaid what Iron Man would see. In other words, you get the thrill of playing Tony Stark, assuming the Iron Man persona and blasting into action. Furthermore, the App also has a videogame to defend the world against the forces of Thanos. And just so you don’t get bored, there are 10 levels of play. It’s fun and seriously addictive.

Boy playing with Iron Man helmet

Boy playing with Iron Man helmet

When it first came out, there was a bug, causing the app to stall with the starting screen. But as of March 24, that bug has been fixed and it works fine. However, it doesn’t follow the plot of Infinity War precisely, but Hasbro has promised some surprises, tied in with the movie. So, stay alert and keep your eyes peeled.

Just a quick word about compatibility.

iOS 10 or 11: iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone7, iPhone8, iPhoneX.
Android 7: Google Pixel 1, Samsung S7, Samsung S7 edge.

However, it cannot support any iPad devices, “Plus” phones (iOS or Android) Notes phones or the Samsung.

Iron Man helmet with markers and repulser gauntlet

Iron Man helmet with markers and repulser gauntlet

VERDICT: If you love the Avengers franchise and enjoy gaming, you MUST buy this!

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