June 12, 2017

Intel Teams Up With Oculus And ESL To Create VR eSports League

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Newsfeed - June 14, 2017

Intel is teaming up with Oculus and gaming network ESL in a bid to create a virtual reality eSports league called VR Challenger League.

There is already an established market for eSports, but combining them with VR is a potential growth area as hardware speeds increase and more competitive, multiplayer VR games are developed.

The plan has been developed hot on the heels of the success of the first US-wide Virtual Reality eSports Championship held in New York in May of this year.

Oculus Rift

Intel Teams up withn Oculus for VR eSports League

The first round of gaming will start on July 12 and will take place online. The finals will take place in 2018 at Intel’s Extreme Masters World Championship. On the conditions of the deal is that the PSs used in competition both by the contestants and the organizers and administrators will use Intel microprocessors.

Unlike the New York event, the VR Challenger League will offer worldwide gamers the chance to compete. A combined purse of $200,000 is being put up for the winners.

The first two events scheduled are The Unspoken (from Insomniac) and Echo Arena (from Ready and Dawn due for release on July 20. 2017). The Unspoken is a game of magic, sorcery and supernatural powers. Details of the forthcoming Echo Arena are more sketchy, but Mashable have described it as “Ender's Game (as seen in the 2013 film) meets Tron (in terms of visual aesthetics).”

Figures about the uptake of The Unspoken are also sketchy, as Insomniac refuses to release them. But it is known to be popular within the hardcore VR gaming community.

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