August 16, 2017

Is Apple launching a standalone Apple Watch?

Is Apple launching a standalone Apple Watch?

The original Apple watch worked in conjunction with the iPhone and was essentially a peripheral device. It is still around, but it never quite created the waves that Apple intended. But that may all be about to change.

According to the rumor mill (well CNBC actually) Apple has been holding Top Secret talks with Aetna Insurance to supply the watch to millions of Aetna customers. Already Aetna has given away 50,000 of the old Apple watches to their staff as corporate perks. But not all Aetna customers are iPhone users – and it is unlikely that they will switch to iPhones just to get the benefit of being able to use a free Apple Watch.

This has given rise to speculation that Apple is about to launch a new generation of Apple watches, but this time a standalone device rather than a peripheral. In other words, they may be planning on a launching an iWatch that has not only internet connectivity but even 4G phone connectivity!

But why an insurance company? One possible reason might be the kind of functionality that a wristwatch can provide. Because the rumor mill is also speculating that Apple might be working on a continuous-operation blood sugar monitor that can be used by diabetics. As diabetics are a high risk group for insurance companies, any new technology that can monitor their blood sugar levels can variously lower their premiums or increase the profits of the company that insures them, by providing up-to-the-minute information.

This creates a good “fit” between Aetna and Apple.

It could also bring about the spy thriller writers dream: the international communication device at the end of your wrist!

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