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Oculus Rift v HTC Vive v HTC Pro – the three-way face-off
This is a three way comparison between the Oculus Rift v the HTC Vive and HTC Vive Pro. We have[...]
Oculus Go – it’s here
The Oculus Go, that we previewed last December, has finally arrived. And make no mistake, it's a game changer! Because[...]
Infinity War Iron Man helmet
With the film Avengers Infinity War due for US release on April 27 (April 26 in the UK), Hasbro is[...]
New Vive tracker released – HTC confirms
In a surprise follow-up to its launch of the Vive Pro, HTC has now announced the release of the new[...]
HTC Vive Pro now available for pre-order
HTC has announced to day that their Vive Pro headset will ship on April 5th and will include six-month Viveport[...]
Sony’s Xperia Touch Wow’s the public at SXSW
Sony’s Xperia Touch combines projection with sensor technology to turn any table top, wall or other surface into a touch[...]
Best Windows Mixed Reality Headsets of 2018
Products ReviewedAcer Windows Mixed Reality HeadsetDell - VisorHP - Mixed Reality Headset and ControllersLenovo Explorer BundleSamsung HMD OdysseyDo you want[...]
Samsung Gear VR w/Controller (2017) – Latest Edition
The Samsung Gear VR has gone through several iterations. This is the latest and it is compatible with Samsung PhoneCast.[...]
Pansonite 3D VR Headset Virtual Reality Glasses (without headset)
This is the Pansonite headset without the remote control. As such everything said about it already applies, except regarding the[...]
SARLAR 3D VR Headset
This must rate as one of the cheapest VR headsets on the market. It has the usual Velcro straps, including[...]
3D Virtual Reality Headset with Remote Controller
This phone-housing headset comes with integrated headphones (cushioned with memory foam and position-adjustable), an over-the-head T-strap and magnetically attached front[...]
Canbor VR Headset
This phone-housing type VR headset can accommodate smartphones from 4.7 inches to 6.2 inches. Using aspheric resin lens technology, the[...]
Royole Moon review – the lowdown
I had the opportunity to try out the Royole Moon briefly while on my travels in the USA. But now[...]
Pansonite VR Headset with Remote Controller
This VR headset is a particularly good example of a smartphone-housing headset. It aims for comfort by using leather and[...]
Best VR Cameras for 2018
Products ReviewedFunbot 360 Degree Camera Samsung Gear 360Richoh Theta V 360 Degree Spherical CameraInsta360 Nano Compact Mini Panoramic CameraWhat is life[...]
Royole Moon 3D Virtual Mobile Theatre
Although this product is a video viewing headset and not a VR headset (that is to say, it does not have[...]