August 31, 2017

Royole Corporation announced foldable 3D Virtual Mobile Theatre

Royole Moon

Royole Corporation – have announced that they will be showing their new “foldable” 3D theatre at the IFA – Hall 11.1, Stand 135.

Royole’s futuristic-looking 3D headset, the Royole Moon, creates a truly immersive environment that enables the wearer to get completely absorbed in the virtual world of a movie or other video or game content. Although not a true VR headset (it lacks the head-tracking of the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift) it creates a curved, widescreen 3D world using some of the most advanced optical and video technology.

To create the ultra-realistic 3D video experience, the Royole Moon uses two 1080p AMOLED displays (with a pixel density of 3000 ppi) for each eye. To ensure that the sound quality matches the visuals, the Royole Moon also includes built in noise-cancelling headphones.

Some have compared this to sitting in a private movie theatre. But with such high resolution in 3D and the complete isolation from the outside with the noise cancelling audio, it is more like actually “being there.”

Unlike some companies that merely adapt off-the-shelf technology, Royole Corporation has a highly active team of technologists. As a result of this, the company has hundreds of patents pending.

The level of clarity achieved by the Royole Moon is astounding. In addition to the high resolution and stereoscopic imagery, the contrast ratio is 10,000:1. To enable people who need glasses to wear and use the headset without their glasses, the two viewing sides can be independently adjusted from -7.0 (for the short-sighted) to +2.0 (for the long-sighted).

The headset can be connected to computers, gaming consoles or television set-top boxes via HDMI, USB or WiFi. It also has its own 32GB storage device, so it can be used where connectivity is unavailable, such as an airplane.

Although described as a 3D Virtual Mobile Theatre rather than a Virtual Reality headset, it is by no means limited to watching movies. It can be used to play games, as long as they do not require actual head-tracking.

At five hours, it also has excellent battery life. And when it comes to controlling the unit, its touch controls are like something out that famous Stanley Kubrick movie – you know which one!

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