August 16, 2017

Sony Pictures Coming To A Royole Moon Near Your Head

Royole Moon - white

Sony pictures have signed a deal with video headset maker Royole Corporation to supply movies for the Royole Moon video headset via an app called Royole Lounge.

The Royole Lounge is an integrated digital video service for delivering movies to the Royole Moon, taking advantage of its high resolution and stereoscopic 3D in a closed-off environment. In a deal exclusive to North American customers, new purchasers of the Royole Moon will be offered three free movies from Sony Pictures (in 3D, HD or SD. These will be redeemable through the Royole Lounge App.

Previously, users of the Royole Moon had to upload movies onto a hardware box that came with the headset. But “the addition of the Royole Lounge app and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment content” according to Bill Liu, founder and CEO of Royole Corporation, “now allows Moon 3D Virtual Mobile Theater users to select from scores of the best, most popular, compelling film titles. Moon users can now enjoy select HD and 3D movies, straight out of the box, with the highest quality mobile cinematic experience available.”

The Royole Moon headset features two 1080p (1920 x 1080) AMOLED displays with greater than 3000 ppi resolution. The arrangement, with independently set eyepieces, creates a virtual curved screen with 3D (depending on the source material). The headset – looking like something out of Stanley Kubrick’s 2000 – a Space Odyssey – also features a foldable design that can be flipped up and down instead of being removed completely, when the user needs to temporarily return to the real world.

The Moon’s operating system (Moon OS) is based on Android. However the hardware includes many proprietary features, including capacitation touch control. With HDMI WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, it has 32 GB of internal storage it can be used as both a video viewer and in connection with a games console. It also has a built-in browser and is available in black, white and gold.

Of the deal with Royole, Pete Wood, the Senior Vice President of Digital Sales and Distribution at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment said: “We are constantly looking to drive innovation and engagement around our extensive catalog of feature films, and the Royole Lounge allows us to do just that while creating a next-generation entertainment experience for the end consumer.”

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