March 12, 2018

Sony’s Xperia Touch Wow’s the public at SXSW

Sony's Xperia Touch

Sony’s Xperia Touch combines projection with sensor technology to turn any table top, wall or other surface into a touch screen.

Sony first appeared above the horizon in the west during the nineteen sixties, as a maker of good quality, portable (transistor) radios. Since then, they have given us the walkman, Betamax and many fine audio and video products. They have also ventured into computers, the music business and the movie business.

They are known for being innovative. So, it is only natural that they should be out there in the virtual reality and augmented reality industries. And it should come as no surprise that their “Wow “Studio” at SXSW (South by South West) in Austin, Texas should have made such an impact this year, as indeed it did last year.

One of the products on display this time around was a product called Xperia Touch, a projector that turns any flat surface into not merely a screen, but a 23-inch touch screen. That is, it projects an image onto a flat surface which can be horizontal (e.g. a table top) or vertical (a wall) and it used infrared to track your finger as it touches areas of the screen, which can be hotspots in the same as you can have hotspots on a web page.

You can swipe, select, or even move pieces on a board game - anyone for backgammon? What’s more, it can detect your presence when you approach and switch itself on, along with a greeting message on the surface that it is aimed at.

The full specs are:

Weight: 932 g

Dimensions: 69 x 134 x 143 mm

Battery: 1300 mAh (1-hour continuous video playback) - 1000 cycles

Sensors: Microphone, Accelerator*2, e-Compass, GPS, Gyro, ambient light detector, barometer, thermometer, humidity detector, human proximity detector, infrared sensor.

Connectivity: WiFi 11 a/b/g/n/ac (SISO), Microcast sink, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC.

Connectors: USB Type-C, HDMI Type-D

Display: SXRD laser diode projector with 3 x primary colors and LCD shutter, 1366 x 768, autofocus, 23 - 80-inch projection area, 100 lumens, 4000 - 1 contrast.

Main Camera: 13 megapixels.

Indicators: LED

Controls: 10-point multi-touch using IR sensor.

Sound: Two-way stereo speakers.

Power: USB 15 volts.

Xperia Tough from Sony

Xperia Touch from Sony

It is pricey - $1699 at the time of writing - but that is in the nature of nearly all new tech products. As time goes by, the Xperia Touch will come down in price and better versions will come out. But for now, it is out there for those who have the money and want it.

But Sony hasn’t stopped there. They have also showcased a whole swathe of products, pushing the limits of innovation and creativity. They are demonstrating this technology in an interactive exhibit combining images from multiple projectors, sensors and 3D-printed models and props. The whole thing is controlled by custom software. It is not intended as an actual product, more a proof of concept.

The exhibit has attracted praise form the Verge, if only for proving that “something like this is both more accessible and can be experienced collectively, without requiring everybody wear a pair of smart glasses, a VR-style helmet, or even a compatible smartphone with the requisite software."

VERDICT: The product that we'd all LOVE to have - if only we could afford it!

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