January 26, 2018

VR + sex dolls + teledildonics = the Final Frontier

Sex doll VR

At first we at bestvr.tech thought that April the 1st had come early. But apparently an adult webcam service - CamSoda - is pairing up sex robots with virtual reality headsets to give users the ultimate telesex is experience.

The idea, in essence, is that the headset shows the user their remote partner while the sex robot provides the… er… haptic feedback.

They are working in partnership with a company called RealDoll using a technology that has been humorously named “teledicdonics.” In effect the users are engaging mutual masturbation at a distance - hence the "tele" part of the name!

This teledildonic “service” has in fact been available for some time. That is, CamSoda has been offering a service whereby “performers" on the CamSoda site use WiFi-linked vibrators (a type called the LoveSense Nora) to capture their - how shall I put it - erotic movements. Whatever the Nora “experiences” is transmitted to its electronic partner - a male masturbator device, also made by LoveSense, called the LoveSense Max.

But CamSoda’s latest innovation is that the Max can be placed into sex dolls and the users can wear VR headsets while engaged in the.. er... action. Thus the users can both see their partner and feel their body - or at least a soft plastic surrogate - up close and personal.

However the sex dolls don’t come cheap - at $1,500 (£1000) a pop, so to speak. And of course one can get some of the experience from the Masturbator without the sex doll. On the other hand if one wants to mimic the full experience, the doll kind of fleshes out the picture.

As Daryn Parker, vice president of CamSoda said:

People have long speculated as to how the adult industry would seamlessly harness its cutting-edge technology to deliver the ultimate sensory experience, one that mimics real-life interaction and, of course, intercourse… Our partnership with RealDoll to allow our fans to VIRP is an absolute game changer.

​Fans will now be able to interact with their favourite cam models in real time via live virtual reality while simultaneously feeling the sensations of actual intercourse via their RealDoll and teledildonic integration.

Essentially, users will be able to live out their ultimate sex fantasies, and quench their immediate desires, in an immersive sensory environment that allows them to have real sex with virtual partners.


Sometimes it's the inflatable doll that's the sex maniac!

He added that “we know there is an audience because we hear it from our users and models. They are seeking ways to get closer and have more physical interaction.”

But perhaps most interestingly he said, “we’ve had a number of employees, beta users, and models try out the experience. All of them were blown away by the interactive capabilities.”

Nothing like enthusiastic employees to make a company successful.

But does the product fulfill a market need?

“Fifteen years ago people thought cell phones were weird and unnecessary. Look at them today. While there may be some initial hesitation, I anticipate people acquiescing and seeing this for what it is - an awesome product that fulfills people’s deepest desires.”

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