January 24, 2018

YAW VR puts you in the driver’s seat!

Yaw VR set up

The next step after virtual reality is where you don’t just see it and hear it, but also feel it. We’ve reported in the past about haptic feedback. But what about the feeling of acceleration?

The technology has been around in some theme parks - the tilting seats or an entire tilting unit. One minute you feel yourself falling forward (strapped in of course), then your pushed into the back of the seat as the spacecraft accelerates.

Yaw VR

Yaw​ VR

Well now you can experience the same thing in your home with the Yaw VR motion simulator. Developed by Hungarian startup Intellisense, it has raised half of its $150,000 target on Kickstarter where it is billed as “The world's most compact and affordable virtual reality motion simulator.”

The unit consists of a padded seat inside a hemisphere - a sort of inverted dome - that you sit in while wearing a VR headset. The machine then takes you on the ride of your life. It can turn a full 360 degrees and tilt 50 degrees in either direction, So it can be used in conjunction with driving, aircraft and spacecraft simulations. And of course, it is personal.

It is designed for use with the Oculus Rift, Oculus Gear, PlayStation VR, Gear VR and PC-based games, so much of the software is already out there.

Powered by several small motors that operate almost silently, Yaw VR can support up to 330 pounds of weight. Even using only 40% of its full power, it can move 120 degrees per second.

But what about the price, I hear you ask?

Early backers can pledge $890 on their Kickstarter campaign to be first in line to receive their units in August. The normal price will be $1,190. While this isn’t cheap, it will come packaged with an adjustable pedal, steering wheel and joystick holders. And you can attach your own steering wheels and joysticks too!

Yaw VR and attachments

Yaw VR and attachments

The price is no more than you would pay for one of those fancy massage chairs. But this chair doesn’t relax you - quite the opposite! Check out the video below where it was showcased at CES.

The good thing about the Yaw AR is that when you aren’t using it, you can store all the parts in the dome. The whole thing takes up little room and weighs only 33 pounds.

See how light it is

See how light it is

Yaw VR currently works with 80 different simulator apps and will be compatible with SimTools.

All pre-order customers will get four free apps: Flight Simulator, Racing Simulator, Space Battle and Roller Coaster. And when the product hits the market in August, there will probably be a whole lot of new games developed to take advantage of its features. And users can even develop their own applications for it.

But the best is yet to come! The developers are thinking ahead. They are also planning on releasing the Yaw VR Pro, also in August. This Big Brother to the Yaw VR is “designed for extreme intensive use.” Pledges of $1,340 will get you the Pro edition and also let you fit your motion simulator with a custom color pattern.

This is not vaporware. They have a product and a release date just seven months away!

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